Rural Products Fair


After celebrating last year's 300th anniversary of the chivalric Alka tournament and the famous victory against the Turks, Sinj, once again, eagerly awaits its guests. Concentrated on the future, urban and economic development, with a firm ground in invaluable heritage of its ancestors, the town of Alka is once again hosting the successful and popular manifestation called Rural Products Fair...

Tour of Croatia – A race through natural beauty


The international bicycle race Tour of Croatia will be held in 6 stages, from April 19 to April 24 2016.

The town of Sinj host two stages, the second and the third. Tour of Croatia is an event which uses the whole of Croatia as its sports arena...

The Cetina River, the longest river in Central Dalmatia (105 km), has its source at the foot of the Dinarides abundantly supplying eight sources with water. The deepest source is 130 metres deep.